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Immersed in the beauty of Tampa Bay, this exclusive villa and private island have been put on the market for $3,795,000.

A beautiful and winding tropical palm lined drive leads to the enchanting villa, graced with eye-catching waterfalls and a breathtaking lagoon. Architecturally speaking, the renowned villa, Lamb Manor, is considered one of the most beautiful residences in the country.

The luxury manor is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and it has been featured in various US magazines and newspapers. The acclaimed manor was built in 1910, and the interior has since been perfectly kept after undergoing a restoration of almost 2 million dollars.

Luxury details can be found throughout the residence, such as crystal chandeliers, lavish chestnut and oak paneling, and 19th century bronze fixtures. The premium property is extremely spacious, with a total of 25 rooms, seven of which act as luxurious bedrooms, numerous bathrooms, and five kitchens. There are plenty of chill-out rooms, including a music room. Each of the rooms enjoy ample windows, which provide wonderful views of the surrounding park and the sea.

The residence occupies a total of four floors, each of which are connected by an elegant elevator.

Needless to say the exterior of the grand home compliments every aspect of the manors inner beauty. An exclusive private beach awaits the lucky residences, along with the possibility to reach the property in style by a yacht. This piece of paradise is a mere 40 minutes from the international airports of Sarasota and Tampa.


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