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Fruitz Watches are the perfect accessory to add flavor to any bland summer outfit. Big sunglasses and bright bangles are so last year. Fruitz’ new Sorbet line will refresh your summer look, giving you that extra boost of confidence. These fruit-inspired watches will make you look great and feel even better! Each watch comes equipped with Natural Frequency Technology. This technology has been proven to give you a better night’s sleep and also help you feel less-stressed and more focused even in this summer heat. This brand new collection features stylish, water resistant expansion bracelets available in silver and gold that make the watch great for any occasion to wear at work, a night out, or even to the beach. This ‘Sorbet’ line comes in five fabulous flavors: strawberry, pear, blackberry, lemon, and licorice.  The colorful face plates resemble the fruits for which they are named, with the hour and minute hands representing leaves and the number markers portraying seeds. To spice up your wardrobe with Fruitz visit These delicious watches can be found at your local Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.

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