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If you love to sparkle, your going to enjoy these dazzling Swarovski crystal cushions by HÉDONÉ! Just as a fine piece of jewelry completes a gorgeous outfit, HÉDONÉ produce jewelry pieces for the home that are designed to add a distinctive touch of glamour to homes of the elite.

Each cushion is meticulously handcrafted in London and feature authentic Swarovski crystals, individually attached to sumptuous high-fashion fabrics and finished with quality Italian trimmings. Immerse yourself in tailor-made glamour with the color of Swarovski crystal and metallic cording completely interchangeable, offering an array of possible combinations to ensure a customized product that is unique.

For clients demanding the ultimate in personalization and exclusivity, HÉDONÉ also offer a fully bespoke service with everything from the cushion design, dimensions and color of crystals meticulously tailored according to your personal style. HÉDONÉ represents the dawn of glamorous soft furnishings, expertly crafted using renowned construction techniques and encrusted in the brilliance of gleaming crystals.

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