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Brighter days are ahead for mommy and baby. The retro chic mom who’s all about accessories can take a stroll with baby without sacrificing style. Orbit Baby G2 have spontaneously updated their selection with smoldering summer colors that even the runway will be raving about. These high fashion strollers not only complement mommy’s style but offers a strolling haven that pampers your tots.

Orbit Baby’s Color Packs provide you with a full set of upholstery that is ready to go out of the box. These easily-interchangeable Color Packs are available in 9 mod colors, made with eco-friendly orbitgreen certified fabric. Each Color Pack includes a luxurious upholstery set and matching sunshade. Convenient and easier for parents to keep clean, simply swap and wash when baby has made an oops! A-list celebrities to everyday mom and dads, love the functional design that takes your child everywhere with unprecedented ease and style.

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