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After several challenging yet successful years of development, Sol NRG bring us the much anticipated Sol NRG solar charging table – this new revolutionary gadget, which effectively ties together solar power with practical technology, is set to be a sure hit with those on the go who need to charge their device, whether it be a phone, laptop, tablet or games console.

The table is also a great addition to your garden if you don’t want to be limited to the confines of indoors on a sunny day – soak up the rays whilst getting on with your work or browsing the net – the world is your oyster with one of these tables.

Available in two different sizes of 70x70cm and 60×60, you can choose what suits you best depending on the space you have available, though bare in mind that the table can be folded to a 90-degree angle, so you don’t to compromise on space if you’ve got limited room and you’re going to be putting it away after use. Another handy feature is that you can plug devices such as a lamp in during the evening, reducing the risk of a trip hazard and no one wants to be inundated with wires anyway! So who is this table a great buy for? The simple answer is everyone!

From those of you in the hospitality business, universities, for the home – its versatility is its biggest asset. From a design point of view, the table looks pretty cool and has contemporary and stylish look about it being neutral coloured glossy black colour. Of course we cannot overlook the amazing eco benefits of this table, which reduces your carbon footprint by harnessing the solar energy that charges you devices. In an age where electronic devices are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives hour to hour, this table is a breath of fresh air that does its bit for the environment.

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