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If you have been watching the Red Carpet during awards season then you no doubt have already seen a fair sampling of celebrity jewelry of Beverly Hills. The Red Carpet isn’t just about catching sight of your favorite celeb and checking out who they’re wearing—it’s also about the bling!

And, of course, when celebrities go looking for bling, they look for it in Beverly Hills – the capitol of celebrity fashion! So what’s hot right now in celebrity jewelry of Beverly Hills origins? Here’s a few fashion trends to pique your imagination:

Black Agate Rings: Black agate makes for the most seductive of pillows for colorful gemstones such as sapphires and amethyst.

Linked Bracelets: Bracelets with chain links are a favorite of celebrity jewelry in Beverly Hills because of the symbolic value of links and circles. Fashioned from precious stones such as Tigereye and … and tied together with gold (often diamond encrusted) rings, these bracelets are paragons of workmanship as well.

Butterfly Brooches: And speaking of paragons of workmanship, if you love diamond encrusted and gemstone be-clad jewelry, you will love a beautifully realized butterfly broach with diamonds and gemstones galore shaping the wings.

Ornate “Royal” Necklaces: Right now there seems to be a real trend in celebrity jewelry in Beverly Hills favoring intricate mixes of gold, silver and various gemstones. These necklaces look like they could have come right from a royal bio-pic about Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth. They are unforgettable and the gemstones can be picked to match birth stones or favorite colors.

That is just a taste of the trends in celebrity jewelry in Beverly Hills. To get a fuller sense, you will have to make sure to visit a Beverly Hills jeweler yourself next time you are in the 90210.

Photo Credits: Leon’s Beverly Hills


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