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When you plan to update the look of your room, you must think of window blinds as it offers an appropriate look. Today’s choice in window covering and shades are much different than the earlier era and old fashioned metal blinds are replaced by faux wood blinds. Various types of window blinds are now available for decoration of rooms, kitchens, and bathroom as well. You can go for faux wood in cellular shades or neutral color, which can help your house to utilize energy efficiently.

Wood or Faux Wood

These are available in different sizes, from 1 to 5 inches; you’ve to choose it depending on how large each of the slats is. Wood blinds are available in many shades, such as ivory, white, or neutral, and even in stained shades, from dark mahogany to light pine for natural wood that complement the look of any room’s decoration. These can be made from durable plastic with wood-like appearance, or composite materials, and real hardwood. These are also available in a cordless form, making it a superb choice for families with small kids and pets that can get knotted in the cords. Natural wood and faux woods are timeless and classic ways to enhance the look of any room. The blinds add their own beauty to your home when used in addition to window coverings or curtains.

Interior Window Shutters

These are quite similar to faux wood, but they do not rise up or down; here, slats move to darken or to let in light into a room. These are larger than faux wood blinds, creating an uncluttered, beautiful look to any room of your home. Interior window shutters are available in wood or vinyl finishes. The blinds are available in natural wood color, ivory, or white so that they can go with any room’s style. New window colors will brighten up the look of your room and timeless beauty of these blinds will save from changing them from year to year.

Venetian Blinds

One of the most popular blinds this season is Venetian that is formed in a modern fashion style, offering sleek decoration and compact design. Venetian blinds are excellent choice for contemporary homes looking for modern styling, which is both practical and subtle. These can be put in large rooms and conservatories with several windows. If you’ve open floor plan, opt for Venetian blinds as they take up little space, allowing complete privacy when in use as well maximum amount of light when not in use. The popularity of venetian blinds is growing fast, even though standard curtains still remain a popular choice. These serve the current trend of interior decoration,offering large amount of space and minimalism.

Roller Blinds

These are yet another hot trend broadly used for both home decorative and office rooms.

Determining the type of window blinds isn’t that easy, but keeping popular styles and current trends in mind, you can make a stylish choice, and spice up the décor of your house, without really spending a lot of money.

Author: Eric Persit has written many articles related to home improvement, including window blinds, bathroom decoration, and flooring.

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