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Our obsession with Ancient Greece goes back for centuries. You need only look at the world of fashion to see how in love we are with the likes of Hercules and Aphrodite. Unleash your inner goddess this spring by wearing some of these stylish pieces:

Draped Dresses

Do these gorgeous dresses ever leave the runways? Draped gowns are truly the clothing of the gods; you never see Artemis and Athena in anything else! Whether it’s one-shouldered, floor length, or the kind of wine colored garb that would impress Dionysus himself, these versatile dresses are fantastic for the summer.

Clothing was loose-fitting in Ancient Greece, so opt for gorgeous, flowing materials. Anyone who wore something tight-fitting was considered a barbarian!

Jeweled Headbands

If you want to look like a Grecian princess, a jeweled headband is one sure-fire way to nail that style. Matched with a draped dress, you’ve got a real hit on your hands. Many Greek women would wear floral or leaf inspired headbands and they look wonderful with matching earrings.

Rings and bangles, set with colorful semi-precious stones or images of the gods are widely available to complete your outfit. Gold was also a firm favorite for jewelery.

Gladiator Sandals

Fantastically trendy in the summer months, gladiator sandals catch on like wildfire. Perfect to elevate a floor-length draped dress and make you appeal taller, these heels can give you ventilation, as well as really complete the Olympian look. Flat versions are also available for a fashionista that has some miles to cover.


Who says that cloaks aren’t cool? So vogue in the winter, a wool cloak can keep you warm and stylish when it’s too nippy to wear light, draped dresses or sandals!


If you’re thinking about hacking off your long tresses, think again! Flowing locks never went out of fashion in Ancient Greece – short hair was only worn by slave girls. Think curls and braids, for a gorgeous hairdo worthy of a goddess. If you want to show off your neck and shoulders, tie your hair back into a bun and decorate it with a headband.

Beauty Products

Tan skin wasn’t cool in Ancient Greece. They whitened their skin with lead (highly unadvised) or chalk, but that rubbed off quickly. Lipsticks were made with red iron oxide, ochre clays, or olive oil mixed with beeswax. For a bit of blush, Greek women would apply red powder to their cheeks. Eyeshadows were made from olive oil and charcoal.

A trend that really hasn’t caught on in the 21st century: it was considered fashionable for women to have connected eyebrows.

Beauty treatments that you can do at home: women used to moisturize with honey (it really works too)! They also used to oil up their skin to make it appear shiny. To take care of their hair, the Greek women used olive oil to deeply condition their locks, leaving it soft and shiny (this is also a beauty treatment that really works, if you want to try it at home).

Author: This guest post has been produced on behalf of Pearl & Butler.

Photo Credits: Pearl & Butler


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