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Thanks to new technology, the Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer is changing the way people buy and store groceries. The average refrigerator or freezer drawer is designed to add some much-needed storage space for your groceries. Most of the time, you can fit these teeny-tiny fridges and freezers right under your kitchen counter or inside your cupboard. If you need extra storage space for that big holiday dinner, you’ll be happy to have one on hand!

But a new invention called the CoolDrawer has taken it one step further.

Introduced by Fisher & Paykel, the CoolDrawer fridge uses brand new technology to switch from a refrigerator drawer to a freezer drawer – just with the touch of a button. Now, whether you need to store extra beef for that big barbecue you’re hosting or all of that extra ice cream for your daughter’s birthday party, you’ll be covered.

And, because you don’t want all of that extra storage space to be cluttered, the CoolDrawer comes with several different compartments. That way, you’ll have a place for everything from big bottles to tiny vegetables. That’s a big contrast from traditional refrigerator and freezer drawers, which typically only come with one or two compartments.

So, where can you put this new technology?

It’s designed to go anywhere! If you want to store your CoolDrawer in the kitchen so that you’ll have easy access to it while you’re cooking, you can do it. Or, if you want to stick it in the living room so that you don’t have to get up during the big game, you can do that, too. Luckily, Fisher & Paykel designed the CoolDrawer to be easy to move around.

No matter where you put it, though, you can count on it to be energy-efficient. The traditional refrigerator and freezer drawers haven’t been known for their efficiency. In fact, in some cases, they suck up just as much energy as their full-sized counterparts! However, since the Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer uses state-of-the-art technology, it comes with an Energy Star rating.

Another way to save money with the CoolDrawer?

Buy your groceries in bulk. You’ll always have a place to store them, so you can take advantage of bulk discounts.

With all of that energy-efficient storage space, you just might wind up being the best cook on the block!

Author: This guest post was provided by Olivia Slamut, a smart kitchen appliances hunter who is always in quest for new trends in home design and eco-friendly appliances.

Photo Credits: Fisher&Paykel



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