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The wristwatch has always been a representation of a man’s character. It’s aesthetics and presence can speak volumes about one’s tastes, social status, and personality. While anyone can peruse for a watch, finding the perfect timepiece takes time and consideration.

The right watch should compliment one’s appearance, while also making a statement about their character. Over the years the wristwatch has come to represent a certain status, existing as a homage to one’s success. There are many men’s watches on the market today, but finding the most suitable piece has different meaning depending on the individual.

Before a buyer considers purchasing a watch, they must first consider themselves. Just as a man wouldn’t buy a suit that didn’t reflect their individual style, the same goes for the watch. While a boisterous man may desire something bold and flashy, a man of subtlety may be better suited for a watch with a classic history and sleek look.

A luxury timepiece can come in a variety of brands and styles. There are several watch brands that have earned a title of notoriety, each representing a certain image.

Once the buyer understands the type of image they want their watch to portray, they will understand that the perfect watch should compliment that idea.

For example, notable names like Rolex can provide a flashy piece with a gold strap and ivory face that can be coupled with an expensive suit and a powerful position. On the other hand, Movado or Philip Patek can provide a subtle and classic touch to any attire, while demonstrating an image of success. You can find many styles and selections of luxury men’s watches at online retailers like

Finding the perfect wristwatch will lead to a fantastic addition to any man’s wardrobe, but throwing money at any watch simply won’t do. It’s important to find just the right piece to compliment a man’s style and image.

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  • Comment by balayage hair — October 12, 2012 @ 5:07 AM

    Finding the perfect watch that compliments our style is really a great task. But one it’s done, you become perfect and stylish with your new watch.

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