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Finally, the interior design world is starting to sit up and take notice of bathrooms. Rather than simply being a functional space, it’s about time we started to think about the way we design our bathrooms, the products we choose and the way we use them. No longer must we be hopping in and out of a lukewarm, lacklustre shower and getting on with our days. It can instead be a place to languish and spend some time relaxing. So, if you want your bathroom to be a high end space you can enjoy, what should you incorporate into the design?

Firstly, showers tend to be the things that can make or break a bathroom. The functionality of most of the other items tends to have less bearing on the way we feel about our bathrooms as the shower, so it’s important that we get this right. Power showers have been the in thing until now, but we’re seeing showers take it a step further with the concept of the rain shower, with its large head to surround you in water and a range of settings for different intensities and volumes of water. If you want a really luxe experience, you might want to get more than one shower head fitted, for example in a wetroom.

Bath design is becoming more and more innovative, with lots of ways to customize your bathing experience. One of the most common ways to do this is to add spa jets inside the bath to create relaxing, massaging bubbles. This is particularly good if you like to use bubble bath, as it really helps to keep the water frothy and bubbly. Lots of luxury baths now have their own underwater lighting systems, and it is even possible to find ‘aromatherapy baths’ which release a scent into the air for a multi-sensory experience.

If you want something to make your bathroom really stand out from all the others, you could channel some Nordic warmth with a sauna or a steam room. These add a really quirky, unique edge to any bathroom, and can be a great way to give you a sense of vitality and renewed health.

Even small touches, like some top quality bespoke taps or big fluffy towels can transform the way you feel about your bathroom. Even something as simple as the lighting can create a more high-end feel, so if you need a quick fix solution, opt for some atmospheric lighting or even some candles for a gentle glow.

Author: Jackie Cornell is an interior design blogger with a passion for luxurious bathrooms

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