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Have you just had your dream home built? It’s that exciting time to pick up the keys and move in and start making your dreams a reality. There’s nothing more exciting than building your dream home that you’ve been fantasizing about for years. The time has finally come and now it’s your opportunity to finalize your dreams by decorating your new home the way you so desire.

Buying new products to suit your new home

Once you’re ready to move in, the exciting time comes to begin buying new products to suit your new home. You may already have all the features you wish to fit out your home or you may prefer to buy new products to go with the stylish presence of your new surroundings. That is the fun part. You could take a trip to IKEA to splurge and buy everything you may possibly need in the one place, or you may choose visit the department stores to purchase things individually. Regardless, this is an exciting adventure that begins and is important to create a friendly home environment that suits your individual personality.

Outdoor presence

You may have some things to tend to yourself that wasn’t included in the builder’s contract. For example, most commonly you may have to create your own gardens. This could be a fun task to undertake as you could establish a garden with a unique charisma. This may include decorative flowers or pot plants, or even palm trees to feature in your front yard to provide your home with a warm welcoming. The options are endless and completely up to you. Don’t forget the novelty garden gnomes to cap it all off.

Creating your homely décor

Once you have purchased your new home products, it’s time to start creating your new home décor. As you are starting from scratch, you have the opportunity to create it any way you choose. You may have seen some things that appealed to you on TV or at friends’ houses and picked up some ideas, or you may be stylish and imaginative enough with your own ideas to fit out your new house. Either way, you’ll have an exciting time creating a warm and pleasant homely environment for you and your family.


Most people enjoy interacting and socializing with their friends. Don’t forget to set up an entertaining area to encourage you to invite them over for social drinks or dinner. Here you have the opportunity to show off your new home and its stylish presence and its perfect timing as you’ve just finished decorating and moving in, so it’s time to let your hair down and unwind and just enjoy the new serenity.

Everyone has different tastes and interests when designing or decorating their new home. The builders have done all of the hard work and now it’s up to you and your imagination to finish the internal house design.  It won’t be a quick and easy task, however will be worth it in the end as you will get everything you want in your new house.

Author: Richard is one of the leading Architects in Brisbane, Australia. His home designs are well known locally and and he provides these tips to assist new home owners to get the most out of their house.

Photo Credit: Coral Homes



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