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Bedrooms are the place in the home where people often choose to relax and unwind.  After a particularly stressful day, there is nothing better than heading home and retreating into your own personal paradise. However, if your bedroom is far from luxurious and is instead tired, outdated and a little bit shabby, there are a few simple steps you can take to transform the space into something truly stylish.

Thinking of a theme

The answer to a perfect bedroom is different for everyone, meaning that your ideal space will depend entirely on your taste. However, there are a few design and decoration tips to take on board regardless of your personal style.

For a harmonious bedroom, where all the furnishings and decor complement one another, try to think of a design theme. This will give you an opportunity to get creative and spend time researching online or flicking through design magazines for inspiration. Whether you decide upon an accent colour, time period or location, your theme will provide you with a strong foundation for creating a stylish space.

Getting the bed right

The bed is the centre piece of any bedroom. Investing in a striking bedstead, headboard or bed linen will instantly refresh your room. Bedding should also be a top priority as you will want to enjoy the very best night’s sleep in your personal paradise. From goose down duvets to comforting mattress toppers, there is a whole range of luxury bedding online which householders can invest in when looking to improve both their bedroom and sleep quality.

Feature walls and hangings

While bare walls may be your style choice, they can also be great place to inject colour or pattern into your room. A feature wall is fast becoming a popular design, especially hand painted murals as they allow you to add something entirely personal and unique to a space.

Mirrors and wall hangings also add a bit of character to the room. You can also hang framed posters of your favorite bands, films and icons, place atmospheric paintings on your wall or put out photos of your friends and family.

Updating your furniture

As your wardrobes, bedside cabinets and dressing tables are considerably large items, it is important to have furniture that doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. Investing in an entirely new set can be expensive, so visit second hand stores to find a bargain. Alternatively, you can upgrade the look of your current furniture with a lick of paint and some new handles.


Whenever you go on a trip or holiday, or are celebrating a special occasion, invest in a piece that you can place within your home. Through building up your collection overtime, your bedroom ornaments will each signify a memory, helping you to create a personal paradise. For additional decorative pieces, head to vintage stores and antique dealers to search out one-of-a-kind ornaments for the room.

Now that it has been broken down into a few easy steps, you should be able to look at bedroom redecoration in a brand new light, fully understanding how you can turn a dated, shabby or bare space into something visually spectacular.

Author: Kristian Johnson, Marketing Manager at The Fine Bedding Company, has a keen interest in luxury bedding, with plenty of experience in helping customers transform their bedrooms.



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