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Ildikó Gál represents the very best in bespoke footwear. The first collection of handmade dress shoes, all constructed by third generation Hungarian shoemakers. Ildikó Gál is an emerging lifestyle brand that merges modern technology with Old World craftsmanship to produce luxurious footwear of unsurpassed quality.

Constructing a perfect shoe starts with a state-of-the-art scanner that measures each foot from all angles.  The foot scan data is instantly transmitted to the last makers, who create lasts that reflect the individuals unique feet. Once scanned the data remains in their system so that custom lasts can be made for any future style. The shoe design is executed completely by hand using traditional methods and the finest skins. Each pair of bespoke footwear is delivered in a custom fitted wooden box, with custom made shoe trees, silk shoe bags and special polishes. After six weeks of placing your order, you’ll receive your signature Ildikó Gál handmade shoes. All finished footwear is stamped with the artisan’s signature and each pair is unique, indefenitly a true work of art.

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