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Forget all about the stereotyped station-wagon feel and family car experiences. The Infiniti EX has the space of a crossover and the heart of a sports car, embracing the whole family while still packing a punch with its 298-hp engine. Making the top 10 of Ward’s best engines for 10 consecutive years, its 3.5-litre V-6 with a seven speed automatic transmission makes for the most delightful driving experience.

Its acceleration is swift and the automatic transmission adapts to your driving style, the brakes are as strong as they should be and steering is equally easy – combined they add up to a car that wants to make you feel at home.

This welcoming feel is increased even further by the high-performance shock absorbers and the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD). The AWD system takes into account wheel spin, throttle position and vehicle speed to distribute power between front and back wheels, switching to 4-wheel traction when needed.

The flexible and technological soul of the EX is also reflected in its Active Brake Limited system, which can distribute the torque from side to side, and the Around View Monitor, a screen which provides the driver with a complete overhead view of the surroundings and makes parking a surprisingly simple task.

Spacious interiors, solid performance and a versatile essence are all that, in our view, make this crossover stand out. Infiniti has managed to produce a car that is perfect both for city life and family trips to the country, with performance and technology in mind.

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