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As is already known, in the category of «Spa&Wellness Center» will be presented 2 nominees for the Luxury Lifestyle Awards of this year. These are unique and inimitable spa centers that rightfully occupy a leading position in the segment of luxury. So, for your attention is invited fabulous Institut Saurina and exotic resort The Ritz-Carlton Abama.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards examines the behavior of these salons towards luxurious lifestyle, and can talk about Saurina as a representation of the philosophy of every human being – it means that it is special and unique in sense of the behavior. As for the Abama Golf & Spa Resort, you can see how this resort embodies innovation and excellence to provide services for the luxury segment’s class, mainly due to the talent of the team, passion and creativity of each person.

What says about their participation in the LLA 2014 nominees by themselves :

“Participating in Luxury Lifestyle Awards appears very interesting to us as it allows us have European projection that was already present in our immediate projects”. Institut Saurina

“It is a fantastic experience and opportunity to participate in international Awards, which covers different segments of luxury, as well, be recognized by professional for our achievement of the year”. The Ritz-Carlton Abama

These companies have come a long way in positioning itself in the luxury market. Interesting, that the founders of Saurina previously worked with major chemicals in the European countries, so at the time of creating Saurina, they knew the importance of starting from zero, with a small institution. They started with 100m2, where they got first income and served the first client, who is their regular guest by these days. The initial idea of Health Institute belongs to two sisters – Emma and Matilda, and it was – love for the art and desire to arrive at beauty through health and balance. Amazing, but their relationships to each other at work – it’s a real pleasure for the two sisters of working together. The basis of their relationship becomes absolutely professional respect to each directed areas (Emma is in body and Matilde – in facial), but always taking important decisions together.

So, what kind of lifestyle is the closest for you – unique and inimitable understanding of the aesthetics of the Institut Saurina or extraordinary and exciting style of Abama Spa?

In its turn, luxury lifestyle constantly demands full commitment in this field and searching for new ways to develop business. How is Institut Saurina deal with it: observant and passionate about the work, constantly evolving and base professional lives in the continuing study of all technological advances and anti-aging methods. They are looking for inspiration in the constant challenges that need to be solved.

Abama spa has a developed policy towards to its guests, providing them a sensational experience with “Savoir Faire”, thus providing a genuine care. Now the resort is working on some projects projects to make it not only a fantastic hotel but also a Spa destination where guests can fully enjoy a holistic approach.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is honored to nominate these two Spanish spa – Institut Saurina and The Ritz-Carlton Abama, which prove absolute uniqueness of the Awards.

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