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Carlos: What’s the most memorable work you have done through your journey around the world?

Chor Boogie: My most memorable work on my journeys would have to be doing the commissioned mural for the Olympics in China, simply because it was terribly hot out there and the mass amounts of people that admired the color therapy that was being splashed throughout the mural. There was a terrible earthquake that happened about 500 miles away from where I was painting and you can feel it thoroughly from my location, the buildings where swaying in the wind like matchsticks. One thing that I have to laugh about is that I was painting through the first half of the earthquake; my hosts had to stop me and grab me from my masterpiece. After that I could not get back to the mural for about 5 hours simply because of the earthquake watch and everything was shut down until the coast was clear. HONESTLY all my trips have memorable moments and had good times in every country I have been to.

Carlos: Where do you see the evolution of your artwork taking you?

Chor Boogie: The evolution of my art work is pretty much what it is. It is constantly evolving and maturing as its taking me to new perspectives of the art world. It’s definitely a challenge with in itself. Honestly everyday it’s heavily advanced in many directions and appeases to all lifestyles when it comes to my audience, but it’s an acquired taste you can love it or hate it, to me that’s balance. When it comes to making ART HISTORY I can honestly say my artwork from an originality perspective is part of that history. As far as my artwork taking me somewhere, it’s definitely taking its course and going the distance.

Carlos: How did the spiritual healing and recovery change your life?

Chor Boogie: Spirituality and recovery saved my life simply because my artwork, creative sense and talent are my spirituality to recovery. My belief behind my work is my spirituality which is the strength, patience, tolerance, abundance, peace, genuine spiritual love; gratitude is attitude, honesty, willingness, humbleness, health, wealth, wisdom, knowledge, trust, truth, faith, acceptance, adjustments, intentions, enthusiasm, and faith. 50%MIND+50%HEART=100%BODY+100%SOUL=200%SPIRIT adds an infinite universe which represents Chor Boogie and his creations. So believing in this perspective and this lifestyle over the years has definitely changed my whole outlook on life in general. Granted there is a balance which is the basis of choices. Learning from my mistakes helps me as a human being let alone as an artist.

Carlos: Who are some of the Artists that inspired you to become the Artist you are today and why?

Chor Boogie: Well from a historical standpoint my credits go to Michelangelo, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, and Da Vinci, reason being is that there are allot of worlds just with these four to discuss here from a spiritual perspective to originality as well as mathematics, basically all combined in one. When it comes to Michelangelo his attention to detail same with every other artist listed but his perspective of art and how far he and DaVinci went to study the human body let alone painting on such a grandiose scale, that’s what inspired me. When it comes to Klimt his beauty and imagination was just so captivating along with his usage of gold and silver which helped illuminate the skin tones. When it comes to Dali it’s his craziness and being a leader of the surrealist movement inspired me and the fact that his work actually made you think and feel in a different sense, a sense from an artistic perspective to basically think outside the box as being creative. More contemporaries are ones of the spray paint medium like Phase2 who’s is the originator of style for this medium and a mentor to me, he may be complex but that’s just his character which is a reflection of his artwork. In tune this is who inspired me to take my artwork to the next level and be more original. Others include; Vulcan, Apex and Neon and Pose 2 simply because we are all color specialists when it comes to this medium and create amazing masterpieces together.

Carlos: If you could change anything in the world of art what would it be?

Chor Boogie: What would I change about the art word? Honestly, the art world has to change itself, it’s such a big money organization, and I don’t see that happening. In reality the Artists make the art world and pretty much have to dictate the flow so when it comes to money that’s a different story.

Carlos: What celebrity have you not had the opportunity to work with that you would like to create a special masterpiece for?

Chor Boogie: Jack Nicholson of course and Di Caprio would be cool. I think Brad Pitt and Clooney would be fresh along with Johnny Depp. Usually people with original style stand out from the rest like Salma Hayek, Marisa Tomei, Jessica Alba, Marilyn Monroe etc. The list goes on and on.

Carlos: What is the meaning behind Chor Boogie and how did you come up with such a unique name?

Chor Boogie: Honestly it started off as CHORE ONE basically to feed with in spray paint culture. Basically a friend and I were trying to figure out a good name for me and once I heard “CHORE” I heard cherubs singing like it was the calling. Ever since I’ve been Chore over time I dropped the E for artistic purposes, it just fit me better. Then a few years passed and I started realizing artists within this medium where recognized in the first place by the artist’s name who have changed their birth name. This did not fit right with me since I put so much work behind my name. I then added the BOOGIE years later. CHOR BOOGIE is re-birthed and simply because when I paint it’s more like a melodic symphony since I get my boogie on when I paint.

Carlos: If you didn’t have talent for being creatively artistic, what might you be doing today?

Chor Boogie: Who knows a Lumberjack? LOL (laughing out loud) a Doctor… I never really gave that any thought simply because this is all I know. Maybe a teacher of some sort well basically you can say I’m a doctor and a teacher all ready simply because I believe my artwork has healing attributes and characteristics like color therapy and its all ways a learning lesson.

Carlos: Alot of street Artists don’t get enough recognition in my opinion compared to your mainstream Picasso painters. Why do you think there is such a lack of awareness?

Chor Boogie: The reason for that is that there is allot of egotistical pride with artists in general I included and it’s something we need to work on nobody’s perfect, but honestly I feel establishing an understanding and a meaning that the rest of the world can grasp on to helps. There are some highlight individuals within the culture that have definitely manipulated the art world and achieved amazing goals. For the one that wants to reach great levels of success it’s like this, make it or not believe in what you do and realize you did not start this out with fame and fortune. Don’t disrespect your talent that you where blessed with no matter what keeps painting. You will eventually reap the fruits later, that all comes in the process. Another thing is standing out from the rest; originality is key and having somewhat of a business sense along with promotion helps in establishing the value to your work. There is really no right or wrong answer.

Carlos: What do you think about Chalk Artists? Are there any similarities between Graffiti Artists?

Chor Boogie: None what so ever in comparison to spray paint artists. Chalk artists are cool some are phenomenal and literally are basically called street artists since there medium is the actual street. I was commissioned with some chalk artists to work at the Olympics so I have nothing against them. If you want to get technical the medium behind the artist is just there tool so what label or name you put on it does not matter especially to the Art World. As long as you create something that stands out, put a little meaning and understanding behind it then you can call it what you want it.

Carlos: Do you plan big projects with other Artists like yourself? If so, what are some of your past collaborations?

Chor Boogie: I’m not much of a planner or concept artist; I take the term conceptual genius and flip it. I’m more of a spontaneous artist and just paint. I have my techniques along with ways and styles of painting. When it comes to working with other artists we usually are on the same page and can basically mold together as one and create something amazing, hence the magic of collaboration. I’ve collaborated with artists from all around the world and it’s not the fact of whom. It’s the fact what we produced and as long as we were able to turn heads and make somebody feel good in that moment is all that matters.

Carlos: Some people paint graffiti with a bad image, associating it with violence and drugs. You have changed that and turned it into something positive. What encouraged you to set the example for the better of our youth?

Chor Boogie: Balance… the reason I did was because I came from a world like that and made a choice to stop following the flock off the cliff. I needed something new with a new meaning and understanding, basically to turn the channel on the television so I can elevate. I was tired of being stagnate and complacent with something that was getting me nowhere and into trouble. It was time to grow up and be realistic and trust me I’m not perfect there still is a negative as well as a positive side of me. I just tend to feed the positive dog a little more than usual.

Carlos: Your artwork is very abstract, colorful, futuristic and just full of life. What is breakdown of the creative process and time that goes into each piece you create?

Chor Boogie: No Additives, No Preservatives… All I use is spray paint and it doesn’t make me better than anybody but uniquely speaking its makes a difference. I put dedication and discipline into my work and HONOR. Sometimes I’ll work 10 to 15 hour days and nights in the process of creating a piece and usually I start from top to bottom and work my way down, simply because of over spray factors. It’s a very tedious process but the job gets done no matter how long it takes. I can work from a scale of 2 inches by 2 inches to working on the larger scales such as 3 story buildings and higher. It can take from a couple days to about 2 weeks to a month. The time does not matter unless there is a time frame you have to honor; it just means you have to work harder and longer.

Carlos: What are a few words that sum up yourself along with your revolutionary work of art?

Chor Boogie: My style is basically an Abstract Expressionism of a Street Romantic Voodoo with Emotional Landscapes and a Melodic Symphony through Color Therapy.

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