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TrendLuxury: How did you get started in estate jewelry buying and selling?

Jeff Josephson: I started in the jewelry business in Scotland in 1975, and it began with a love of jewelry and a desire to be in retail. Raymond Lee Jewelers was founded in 1983 when we moved to Florida from Scotland. We have been interested in estate jewelry for at least 15 years, and have specialized in it for the last six or seven years. It represents much better value than new pieces and often is better quality and has better workmanship.

TrendLuxury: Tell us about the lines you carry. What makes your collections so luxurious?

Jeff Josephson: We made a decision not to carry designer lines, we inventory the finest estate jewelry and diamond collection to be found today, and we avoid the high markups of designer lines without sacrificing the quality. We have a collection of estate pieces from such designers as Cartier i.e.: Love bangles, rings, etc., Tiffany & Co., platinum diamond pieces and rings, we feature Roberto Coin, David Webb, David Yurman, and others. All of our designer pieces are “previously enjoyed.” In addition, we have a large inventory of Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Patek, Philippe, and other luxury watches. Again, these are all previously enjoyed so we sell.

TrendLuxury: They say a girls best friend is a diamond but these days I see tradition turning into a rainbow. Do you think a colored diamond is becoming the epitome of the “Dream Wedding Ring”?

Jeff Josephson: I think the round brilliant cut will always be the epitome of the engagement ring. Colored diamonds for our clients are generally for other fingers and not the wedding finger.

TrendLuxury: What’s the most popular style of engagement rings right now?

Jeff Josephson: Women are gravitating towards a larger look. They want a ring that makes a statement. Large stones are rising in demand for women on a budget. Women are gravitating towards styles that enhance the main stone with accent tones surrounding them.

TrendLuxury: Which is hotter now- gold or silver pieces?

Jeff Josephson: Yellow gold is making a comeback in comparison to white gold. Yellow gold is easily identified as gold, whereas white gold can easily be confused with silver or platinum. With the rise of the price of gold, there is a return of the status story that only yellow gold can tell.

TrendLuxury: Do you see more of a trend of larger, bold pieces? Or smaller, more delicate jewelry?

Jeff Josephson: This has been a year of two extremes, neither one is overpowering the other just yet but I suspect as the year progresses and as fashion continues through the 70’s style evolution we can expect larger, bolder pieces to begin to overshadow more delicate designs.

TrendLuxury: Spring is around the corner and time to get our jewels re-accessorize. What trends should we look out for?

Jeff Josephson: The Seventies are back! This spring and summer will see a return of the relaxed style that came with an era filled with economic trouble, a gas shortage, and political turmoil. People used fashion to escape that reality, details in clothing were exaggerated such as wide pants, wide lapels, and big accessories to balance that out. Color is expected to be a big trend as you can get a larger, bolder look for less than traditional diamonds.


  • Comment by Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog — May 2, 2011 @ 9:52 AM

    Wonderful Interview! 🙂 Thanks so much, have a great week!
    -Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog

  • Comment by Brandon — July 12, 2011 @ 9:45 PM

    I’ve done business with this man, I believe. Wonderful place, my wife remembers it fondly. Thank You for this.

    B. Landley

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