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Treat yourself to the IOMA Youth Booster Gold Limited Edition Holiday Gift set. Only 500 exclusively-numbered sets for the world and one for you!

A true cosmetic feat, the IOMA Youth Booster offers the best anti-ageing active ingredients in a record concentration for a proven result. Veritable technological feat, IOMA Youth Booster contains in its cap the same technology used in the Curiosity module – the NASA rover that left to explore Mars in August 2012. This great technology enables you to:

  • Measure your skin moisture level
  • Personalize your application frequency based on your needs
  • Obtain the objective proof of its anti-aging effectiveness on you, on your skin

IOMA Youth Booster Gold Limited Edition, 500 kits numbered with certificate, two 50ml Youth Booster bottles containing over 4 months of skincare, a sensor for taking over 1000 skin measurements, $490.

Available at Saks from now on, to order and receive at home for the holidays – 212.949.2316/2317.

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