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It seems that, at the time of this writing, people are growing highly interested once again in vintage, or vintage-appearing, outdoor wood furniture. The look of rattan wicker chairs and other furnishings on the deck or patio is coming back. And why should that be surprising, really? Wood furniture provides one with a “classically” beautiful outdoor setting that can be enjoyed singularly or with family and friends. Lots of wooden furnishings explicitly designed for outdoor use can be brought inside, too, to tremendous effect. For example, nicely made wicker chairs go nicely anywhere!

The problematic thing with classic wood patio furnishings, however, has always been susceptibility to the ravages of the weather – a problem that is especially important with wicker. Wicker absorbs moisture more readily than most other sealed woods, and frays much more easily. Whether made from oak or teak or cedar, outdoor furniture is subjected to the problems of insects, water damage (which might also cause discoloration), UV ray damage that can cause colors to fade and become dull (and additionally, the combination of moisture and UV damage can lead to significant warping), and fluctuating temperatures that cause the expansion and contraction of the material, ultimately leading to cracks and fissures in the furnishings. This doesn’t just make wood and wicker furniture look unsightly; it can have serious structural implications.

However, there is great advantage found in today’s modern “vintage” wood outdoor furniture. Although it is designed look like the classic rattan wicker furniture of days gone by, this furniture is in reality made from synthetic wicker resin weave. This synthetic weave is fade proof and does not warp, expand, or fray the way that real wicker does. Most resin wicker uses natural wicker fibers in their manufacture, and when blended with the PVE resin plastic, creates not only a sturdy piece of furniture but a beautiful and partially organic one as well.

Bestowing the classic look upon one’s patio, deck, and garden furnishing has always been problematic because of weather and insect considerations. Now, however, with the advancement of synthetic resin wicker weave manufacturing, those of us with decorative gardens and decks and back yard pools can enjoy the beautiful look and feel of wicker without the worry and the expensive hassle. The synthetic resin material is all-weather-proof, UV ray resistance, and certainly not something that insects want to eat or bore into.

The paint won’t fade on synthetic resin because the color is an “organic” part of the material, not something put on over-top. Whether you want that classic light brown color, that vintage white, or today’s fashionable pastels, you can rest assured that your wicker furnishings are going to look gorgeous many years in the future just as they do today.

So, don’t be shy about buying up synthetic wicker furniture for your patio. You can even buy synthetic resin furniture that resembles adirondack teak, though the “wood” resin furnishings of today are not yet as refined as the “wicker” resin products. It seems that outdoor wood furniture, and especially wicker, is making a fierce return to the height of taste and style… and this time, it’s built to last a lifetime! The vagaries of the weather are no longer a problem with resin wicker-based modern patio furniture.

Author: This article is brought to you by Mike Bowman, a freelance writer, journalist, blogger, and furniture specialist with 4 years of remodeling and design experience. When he’s not writing, he can be found reading or riding his bicycle in San Diego, California. He wrote this article on behalf of Forever Patio, a manufacturer of quality wicker furnishings.

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