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This is the first piece form JOE’S newest creative collection, THE WHYTE LABEL. From an environmental standpoint, the benefits of shipping an object with as small a footprint as possible are numerous. Think of the endless possibilities you can do with a contemporary piece that is ethically chic and mystique, saturating the same visual perception as an abundance of fluorescent hues. Designer Joe Doucet gave us some exclusive design tips on creating a luxurious space in your home.

Joe’s sheds luxurious design of wisdom: “Luxury today is not about excess, decadence and waste. Luxury is about creating heirlooms – items made to last using the best technologies and materials available. Paired down simplicity, elevating functional details through artisanal craftsmanship, celebrating everything that our modern society can contribute to the earth, rather than just take from it. The luxury atmosphere comes from the quality evident in every detail, and this is really what you should look for in everything you bring into your home. Buy less, but buy the best.”

“To create a luxurious atmosphere in your environment, make one fabulous thing, like the Screwtop table, the focal point of the room.

1. Pair it with some interesting art.

2. Get rid of clutter, it makes every room feel more spacious, and that is indeed a luxury, especially for city dwellers!

3. Use accessories sparingly, but if they are unique, they will make any place feel more special.

4. Another important aspect to defining luxury in décor, good lighting. It can make all the difference!”

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