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With a roster of the most affluent, powerful and admired clientele, such as Ralph Lauren, Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks to name just a few, JONAS creates the most comfortable and stunning pieces that truly define a room. The 80-year-old family-run business produces all of its pieces – a complete collection of sofas, dining chairs, club chairs, ottomans, benches and curtains – at their Workroom in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The JONAS Workroom seems to exist suspended in time. Walking in, one immediately notices the bustle of activity, where a loyal group of craftspeople are busy at their stations. These artisans approach fine upholstery and window treatments as living art, tending to every minute detail, such as creating a sculptural and nuanced shape to a sofa’s arms, hand-sewing the dressmaker’s style skirt on to a clubchair, or draping the mock-up pattern for a swag and jabot.

The JONAS brand represents the best of Made in America ingenuity. Their one-of-a-kind creations are on permanent display for all to admire at iconic institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tiffany & Co’s 5th Avenue flagship store and The President’s Oval Office. To learn more visit them online at

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