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Three years ago, Christine Ko made her first crystal bra strap solely to give her work uniform a little something extra. After numerous compliments and customers asking to buy her pieces she became determined to launch her own company to share her sparkle with the rest of the world.

In August 2013, Christine Ko and Quinton Van Der Burgh partnered to create a dazzling line of crystal bra straps known as Kaiio. From humble beginnings, Kaiio was destined to be the finishing touch to the little black dress. Designer, Christine Ko says, “theres no such thing as too much sparkle…it gives women the option to add a wow factor to a little black dress or a hint of glam to a blouse and jeans.”

With the bra straps retailing between $300-$700 and rings for $85, Kaiio looks and feels as luxurious as a diamond piece that doesn’t cost the high precious stone price.

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