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Kerstin Florian provides a range of European skin, body & bath, and treatments to worlds finest Resorts & Spas. Known throughout the world obtaining the highest quality ingredients based of thermal mineral water, mud, algae, herbal extracts, and essential oils. Kerstin Florian products are formed from advanced phytotherapy, aromatherapy, thermal mineral, herbal, marine technology and free of heavy preservatives and perfumes. These products offer great healing benefits that have shown profound results.

Serum C+ Infusion – Lightweight vitamin C reduces the appearance of photo damage while evening out skin tone to give skin a youthful look. With this high potency vitamin C I saw my skin instantly brighten up. My skin is more hydrated and is sees a dramatic change is firmness and elasticity.

Caviar Eye Creme – This rich in protein caviar cream infused with Caffeine, Co-enzyme A, Green Tea Extract, and Seaweed Extract. I saw my fine lines reduced in just a matter of days. Under my eyes look more brighter and firmer. It even fights premature aging.

Myrrh Nail Oil – This nail oil not only strengthens the nails and the cuticles but acts as natural anti-fungal. Myrrh and Vitamin E combined protects the nails from splitting. My cuticle beds no longer are dry and discolored, look healthy.

Deep Cleansing Scrub – Gently exfoliate the skin with this almond meal and honey scrub. The soothing scent of Peppermint and Lavender oil sent a wave of rejuvenation to my skin. I saw instant clarity and a balanced complexion. Left my skin feeling refreshed and soft.

Rejuvenating Pure Vitamin C Ampoules – A highly effective antioxidant treatment that delivers immediate results. Prevent premature aging of the skin as well as skin damage caused by UV radiation. I noticed my acne spots and scars are gradually fading away. Highly recommend this for any anti-aging concerns and hyper-pigmentation problems.

Thermal Mineral Exfoliating Body Scrub – This deep-cleansing body scrub contains minerals and aromatherapy oils that refine and buff the skin. After using this this daily my body looked smoother and younger looking. Included benefits to this body scrub is it’s properties of Geranium and Ylang-Ylang which help relieve stress and sends a calming effect to the body. To purchase visit the Kerstin Florian website.

(Note: All product samples reviewed were supplied to us free by the PR or Marketing Representative without any paid compensation. Our experiences and opinions are based on honest results without any influence from Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, PR Agencies or any other third parties. For further information please see our disclosure page.)

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