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As we slowly come out of the cold, winter months, heading towards the brighter spring weather, we can start getting excited about updating our wardrobes with the latest season’s looks. The trend this year is for summer brights. Perhaps one of the most practical ways to wear this trend is through the medium of colorful accessories.

Many of the top designers are creating must-have bags in vivid shades. Whether you prefer a clutch bag or are more of a satchel girl, there are a wide selection of styles and colors to suit your taste that will bring some color back into your life.

There are many practical reasons for selecting certain styles of bags, and suppliers such as Boutique 1 offer a wide range of bags designed by many of the world’s top bag designers. If you are looking forward to a weekend break away, then why not consider one of the bright weekend bags by Missoni? Their Borsone large weekend bags are not only colorful, but highly practical too.

For those sophisticated nights out, when you want a simple but statement clutch bag to keep a few personal items in, then the Magic Clutch by Heidi Mottram may be just the thing to match your evening dress.

These bags won’t go with every outfit so may not be a day to day item unless you tone down your daily outfit to fit around these must have accessories!  There are also a good selection of day to day, practical bags by top designers such as Alexander Wang out there at the moment; his Prisma tote bag is the perfect size and shape for holding your shopping items, whilst still remaining stylish in both design and its bright blue color. If you are looking for something even more flamboyant and brightly colored, you could do a lot worse than take a look at the range of designs by Diane von Furstenberg. Her stylish tricolor Mandy embossed leather bag wouldn’t look out of place in any sophisticated shopping environment!

So, with the warmer weather hopefully not too far away, now is the time to put away those dull colored winter bags, and replace them with the bright bags that top designers have created in glorious spring and summer colors!

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