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Kim Vo

The Kim Vo Salon at the Mirage Casino received the award for Top Salon and best Makeup of Las Vegas at Battle of the Strands on October 23rd. The Salon at Trump featuring Eli Sabat received best in hair for their extravagant take on the night’s theme. The Battle of the Strands competition and masquerade ball was held at the Spanish Mansion, a 10,000 square foot estate.

From 8:00 P.M. until midnight, participants competed in a hair, make-up, costume, props, and execution impact competition. The five salons competing were given a theme and asked to portray it onto their three models. This year’s theme was “Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.” Before the salons unveiled their models for the competition, attendees were entertained by a fashion show from LVMH Piazza SEMPIONE and a dance performance by VZ Dance Studios.

Dr. Robert Rey, Frenchy, Adrien Nieto, Kari Kisch

The salons portrayed the themes creatively, with hair styled into everything from wreaths to sky-high towers of braids. The makeup and costumes were equally elaborate, and the overall effect with music and props was truly dramatic. The winning Kim Vo Salon featured a ghostly white Ghost of Christmas Past, a vine-covered Ghost of Christmas Present, writhing on the floor with a giant boa constrictor, and an eerie Ghost of Christmas Future with a gaping hole in place of a right eye.

Lavey Ortiz, Lyly Malapit, Jennevive McPherson

Gift bags were given to celebrity guests Dr. Robert Rey (Dr. 90210), VH1’s Rock of Love Frenchy, Master Chef Runner Up Adrien Nieto, Celebrity stylists and artist  Kari Kisch, Lavey Ortiz, Lyly Malapit and celebrity costume designer Jennevive McPherson.

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