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Exclusive new limited edition 40-year old single malt created by The Balvenie, is a rare and luxurious spirit that has never been available in the US until now. The illustrious distillery has unleashed a second batch of only150 worldwide with a fine selection of  50 bottles priced at $3,999.

David Stewart has kept a watchful eye on all of the casks of rare whisky in the Balvenie Distillery’s warehouses for many decades, ensuring that their contents have continued to mature tastefully. Stewart used his spirit-worthy expertise in single malt maturation to select a pint-sized amount of The Balvenie from six of these casks for the second batch – three sherry butts and three refill hogshead. The result is a divinely rounded taste of sweet creamy vanilla, butter toffee and fresh fruit. Presented in a dapper bespoke wooden box, handmade in oak by Scottish craftsman Sam Chinnery and hand-engraved by Sam’s father. A potential heirloom that makes the perfect gift for any collector or whisky enthusiast.

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