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For years, this gorgeous luxury brand produces the Award prize for LLA – Golden Crown which symbolizes luxury and uniqueness typical for this market segment. A real work of art!

Faraone Mennella by R.F.M.A.S., the fine jewelry house, that is always associated with luxury, Italian refinement and style. Faraone Mennella collections are characterized by modern and sophisticated design. Technical perfection and attention to details makes every piece of jewelry unique. Faraone Mennella fine jewelry can be found only in the most prestigious and expensive boutiques and specialized stores all over the world; the most recent being their famous Capri boutique in Italy, where much of the designers inspiration has come from.

The founders of Faraone Mennella are Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio, who joined forces in Spring 2001 to create Faraone Mennella by R.F.M.A.S. and took the Fashion world by storm, enchanting with their innovative chic creations socialites and celebrities.

As said by TIME Magazine Faraone Mennella is among the 100 most influential designers in the world, Faraone Mennella has inspired a legions of copycats with its glamorous hand twisted gold links, a must have for the socialite set!

This year’s Award will be received by laureates in London, at Langham Hotel, on 29th of August 2014 where Official Ceremony will be held.

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