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The brand new Luna5 encore – iF500 is the ultimate in all-in-one audio system. As an iPod, iPhone, MP3 docking station or when operated in digital FM radio mode, the simplicity and audio quality of the Luna5 encore makes it a must-have for avid music listeners. Raising the expectation level for design quality and sonic performance, the Luna5 encore immerses the senses, both visually and sonically. This one-piece unit is comprised of an acoustically isolated combination base/control panel and air balloon shaped speaker panel with an elliptical profile.

The speaker panel is covered with black grill-cloth and the molded base is available in either glossy piano black or white. The speaker panel of the Luna5 encore cleverly incorporates a 5.75-inch bass driver, two specially housed 2.75-inch mid-range drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. Both the mid-range drivers and tweeters are arranged in stereo on either side of the panel to maximize stereo separation, and they are powered by two Class-D digital amps, 30-Watt amp dedicated to the bass driver and  22-Watt amp for the mids and tweeters. Pressing the illuminated power button causes the base to glow red, exposing touch-sensitive keys that control power, volume, track advance/FM station scan and input selection functions.  An aux input allows any MP3 player and MP3-enabled cellular phone to be connected and played.

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