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The days when camping was seen as the last resort for those who couldn’t afford a proper holiday are now long‭ ‬gone.‭ ‬The attraction of camping for a whole new generation has come about due to the massive popularity of music festivals such as Glastonbury and today there is a whole new school of thought about the idea of an outdoors holiday.

‭’‬Glamping‭’ ‬is the nickname given to the idea which basically‭ ‬covers any type of camping break that has a touch more glamour that the old idea of a cold night under canvas.‭ ‬One of the best resources for finding out all about this relatively new way of enjoying sleeping outdoors‭ ‬is to check out‭ ‬the information at Caravan Club.‭ ‬They also give you all the data you need to make informed choices about things like where to stay,‭ ‬which style of glamping might suit you best and other important issues such as why you need‭ ‬caravanning‭ ‬insurance.

In the meantime,‭ ‬here are six of the best glamping sites to visit in the UK:

Turkey Creek,‭ ‬Westmoor Farm,‭ ‬Oxfordshire

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Slightly strangely named as there isn’t a creek and there aren’t any turkeys either,‭ ‬there is a range of different accommodations to choose from‭ ‬at this fantastic site.‭ ‬Rustic bell tents,‭ ‬a tipi or a yurt could be your home from home in a shady wood where camp fires burn and resident‭ ‬dogs and goats make you feel right at home.

Cuckoo Down Farm,‭ ‬Ottery St Mary,‭ ‬Devon

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There are more yurts at this‭ ‬30-acre site‭ ‬– and more friendly animals too‭!‬ Each of the three yurts presents a superb luxury accommodation with double beds,‭ ‬wood-burning stoves and a vase of freshly cut flowers.‭

The services‭ ‬of‭ ‬a masseur,‭ ‬reflexologist,‭ ‬yoga teacher,‭ ‬reiki‭ ‬healer and art therapist are all available‭ ‬to make sure you really achieve the relaxed state of mind and body that a holiday‭ ‬should deliver.

Comrie Croft,‭ ‬Crieff,‭ ‬Perthshire

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Comrie Croft boasts a reputation for being environmentally friendly and offers‭ ‬two camping meadows for family tents amongst its secluded woodland pitches.‭ ‬There are also five katas,‭ ‬which are the Nordic style of a tipi,‭ ‬available to hire and which are large enough for a family of six.

Really Green Holiday Company,‭ ‬Freshwater Bay,‭ ‬Isle of Wight

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With fresh local organic food delivered prior to your arrival and an organic cafe and shop within the site‭’‬s orchard,‭ ‬renting a yurt in this scenic setting is a great way to have a healthy and eco friendly break.‭ ‬Visitors‭ ‬are encouraged to leave their cars at home‭ ‬and experience the true beauty of camping on the Isle Of Wight.

Shadow Woods,‭ ‬Billingshurst,‭ ‬West Sussex

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In the heart of the Weald downlands there are‭ ‬63‭ ‬acres of bluebell woodland called Shadow Woods.‭ ‬The owner is an ex-film producer who now focuses her energies on running the site and making sure the wild nature of the woodlands is there for visitors to enjoy‭ ‬for years to come.




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