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The LPS Beijing 2012 is China’s most exclusive luxury property exhibition and this year will be held at the prestigious Legendale Hotel Beijing. Over 5,000 targeted guests are expected to attend the three-day exhibit. The show will include some of the world’s most unique and rare luxury homes available for sale, and showcase the latest trends in luxury home architecture and design.

London, Paris and New York have always been the premier destinations for luxury property investors. LPS Beijing 2012 will bring the heart of China’s capital to some of the most respected real estate agencies from these cities, as well as from other key international hot spots such as Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Singapore or Lisbon.

Booming real estate destinations such as Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Turks & Caicos Islands and South Africa will be presented. By purchasing properties in these fast developing countries, investors are able to bank on the rapid growth of rising economies while enjoying new and diversified lifestyles.

Live extravagant and enjoy unique and properties that stand out. By visiting the Show, investors will be able to consider the possibility of owning a private island in the Pacific, an historical chateau in France, a vineyard estate in Australia, a game farm in South Africa or a ranch in the American country side.

Eco-friendly properties are now a trend among fine home buyers who are looking for a greener lifestyle. To support  this movement, LPS Beijing 2012 will present a selection of pristine ecological destinations such as Sri Lanka, Caribbean islands and South Africa. Experts in eco-friendly architecture and design from the US and Luxembourg will be present.

LPS Beijing 2012 will also host the second “Made In Italy In The World” pavilion, a showcase of the very best of Italian lifestyle. In addition to introducing visitors to the most desirable areas in Italy (from Tuscany to Sicily, Milan to Rome), the pavilion will give visitors the unique chance to sample a selection of premium Italian culture and tradition.

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