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Maker’s Mark is one of the finest Kentucky bourbons, handmade to produce a superior, soft bourbon with an honest taste that’s full of character. Developed just over 50 years ago by Kentucky distiller, Bill Samuels Sr, the manufacturing process is steeped in tradition. From its creation to the final product, Maker’s Mark is a product made the old fashioned way, by hand. Created in small batches, of only 19 barrels at a time, ensures the highest quality bourbon available.

Made with red winter wheat for a smooth, rich, full bodied flavour, and 100% pure limestone water from a spring-fed lake exclusive to the Samuels distillery, Maker’s Mark is bottled by the taste of the whisky, not its age. Each bottle is individually dipped in the trademark red wax seal, making every bottle unique.

Maker’s Mark now accounts for 77% of all premium bourbon sold in the US and is renowned for its soft and superior taste amongst sophisticated bourbon connoisseurs. Whilst it’s not a traditional spirit base for cocktails, premium bourbon is fast becoming popular for cocktails that both men and women can enjoy. Easy to drink, Maker’s Mark is luxurious bourbon, with a rich flame orange colour to add vibrancy to any cocktail. Its versatility can be utilised in a range of cocktails, whatever the season may be. 

Whether enjoying the soft, smooth, sweet and complex taste of this distinguished Kentucky bourbon on its own or mixing it with the perfect ingredients to create a fabulous cocktail, Maker’s Mark is a fine addition to the spirit aficionado’s collection. For more information on Maker’s Mark visit

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