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Become one in a million with a piece of naturally phenomenal Mark Henry Alexandrite jewelry. One of the world’s rarest and most exotic gemstones, mysterious Alexandrite is prized for its natural ability to dramatically change color from vibrant mossy green in daylight, to alluring raspberry red in evening and incandescent light. Once reserved exclusively for royalty, natural color changing Alexandrite is the original June birthstone and is considered today an important heirloom and investment gemstone.

Mark Henry is the world’s only designer collection specialized in natural Alexandrite. By utilizing only the finest quality materials including Brazilian mined Alexandrite, 18k gold, white gold and diamonds in their breathtaking designs, the designers at Mark Henry have secured their position as the final authority of Alexandrite Jewelry. Long considered to be an unattainable treasure, Mark Henry Alexandrite Collection makes the dream of owning natural, color-changing Alexandrite a reality.

Photo Credits: Mark Henry

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