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A day of daddy me time at HOMMAGE is the ultimate Father’s Day gift. This elite grooming haven is a mans best friend. Internationally coveted luxury and high-design grooming equipment, skincare and men’s service purveyor Julien Farel, luxury stylist, has unleashed a state-of-the-art grooming enclave, designed especially for men who want to keep debonair.

Unlike “barber shops”, “salons” or “spas”, the HOMMAGE redefines “Atelier” as a bespoke grooming enclave where men and father’s can prime, network and unwind in private luxury. From the décor to the butler-style service menu, everything about the HOMMAGE Atelier has been finely measured to appeal to dads and global corporate elites.

Services provided by top technicians include the Precision Express Shave w/ straight razor, the Master Barber Cut, Face Sculpture, Healthy Scalp Grooming, Tension Release Back Massage and Blackberry thumb-targeting Hand Grooming. All services are designed to reward and revitalize boardroom businessmen to jet-setters, with pampering treatments to the complimentary offerings of premier single-malt scotch, shoe buffing and jacket steaming.

The service station chairs have been precisely selected to reflect a modern design that embodies first class seats like a private jet. Distinctive pieces of artwork cover the walls, curated by the Lincoln Center Vera Art List program and will be displayed on a rotating basis. Guests will be given buying power to acquire their most desired piece while proceeds are donated to charity. Membership to the HOMMAGE Atelier will be offered for global access at three tiers: Titanium, Carbon and Platium, however membership is not required. For more details, including hours, pricing and a complete list of services, visit

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