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Egypt is famous for its many spectacular historical ruins, but with the likes of “Garbage City” being one of the popular modern day attractions, it’s easy to think that this is a destination only of the past. You might think the modern day lifestyle has been forgotten about. You’d be very wrong, Egypt is a very up to date country, and ready to cater for all varieties of its many tourists, from backpackers to the luxury traveller.

How do you fancy waking up every morning with the perfect view of the pyramids? Mena House, 5 star hotel – situated only 700m from the pyramids can provide you just this. You will experience outstanding service, and beautiful Egyptian style rooms on your stay here. If you wanted to travel in style around Egypt, the hotel even has a limousine service! You’d be staying in the ultimate 5 star hotel in Egypt, used by well known people such as Winston Churchill. The hotel has 5 different restaurants, each with decor and atmosphere living up to the high standards set by the hotel. The one with best reviews is the Moghul rooms; it serves the best Indian food you’ll find in Egypt. The Mena House Hotel is a little pricey however. If you wanted to pay a little less for your stay, but don’t want to compromise on the service you receive, try the Coral Sea Sensatori 5 star hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. It has amazing views of the red sea, heated swimming pools, and even a Jacuzzi in every room.

After seeing the Pyramids, next on your list might well be seeing the River Nile, the longest river in the world. A dinner cruise along the river is one way to do this. Most of these cruises have entertainment such as belly dancing and whirling dervish dancers, which could distract from the views a little, also the food on these cruises isn’t always up to scratch. Another way, is dining with perfect view of the Nile at Aqua, a restaurant of The Four Seasons Hotel. The restaurant’s speciality is fish with a Japanese spin. The fish served is all freshly caught that day, and you can really taste the different comparing to the other restaurants nearby. As you enter, you’ll walk under an archway of an aquarium which really adds to the luxury experience. A standard meal in Egypt is the equivalent of around £5, a meal at Aqua costs around £15. People have said that it is expensive- It is in comparison, but think of how much you would pay for luxury dining in England!

Watching a Ballet or Opera is a nice thing to do on your holiday in Egypt, do it at what has been described as the “National Cultural Centre,” the Cairo Opera house. They have a variety of performances; check out their website to see what’s on while you’re there. It has the most advanced staging facilities in the whole of Africa. It even has an open air theatre with equally fantastic acoustics. If the Opera isn’t up your street, maybe a spot of shopping is. Ego, in Heliopolis is a real experience to visit. You’ll be welcomed by attentive assistants to help you round the 6 floors of the building, filled with men’s, women’s, and even baby designer clothes and accessories. You’ll see labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs. There is also a tailor to make alterations for you if you need them. The building has been beautifully designed by Marco Costanzi. The design of the shop makes it easy to navigate, as well as adding to the atmosphere and feel of the shop.

Written by: Emma Buttery

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