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More often than not, people would think about the internationally known city in Australia when they hear the name Melbourne. Rarely would the one in Space Coast, Florida come to mind despite the fact that it is currently one of the most sought after areas in Brevard County in terms of real estate.

Those looking to move to Melbourne for permanent relocation or for a vacation usually decide so because of the attractive beaches and wonderful climate throughout the year. Florida in general is widely known for its lovely coasts that people from around the world look forward to visit.

Facts about Melbourne

If you are planning on permanently moving to Melbourne, you have to know the important facts relating to this rather “off-beaten” path. It’s important to be aware of the adjustments that you need to make before you finally immerse in a totally new environment.


Only around nine percent of the entire population in Melbourne is non-English speaking, the rest have English as their mother tongue.


Melbourne is the second largest municipality of Brevard County in terms of population and size.


One of the best things people love about Florida is its mostly sunny climate. Melbourne in particular is blessed with a subtropical climate with only two main seasons yearly: wet and hot, and warm and dry. It rarely ever snows in this city and as a matter of fact, the last snowfall recorded in Melbourne was only last January 2010.

Real estate in Melbourne

The real estate market in Melbourne has significantly boomed in the recent years. More apartments and houses are now out, open for immigrants and transients to rent or buy. There are a number of Melbourne apartments that are nicely located and reasonably priced, which in a way may also be counter-productive – making it almost impossible to choose from the limitless options.

There are, however, ways to weed out your choices. You just need to be wise in utilizing the available resources in order to make a smart decision. Real estate is always a big investment and it’s for such reason that actions should always be preceded by thorough considerations.

The following are some of the general guidelines in acquiring real estate:

1. Take advantage of online comparison sites to arrive at a good pick.

There are now websites that help clients screen their options when it comes to buying or renting an apartment from thousands of miles away. All you have to do is search a specific location and take a look at the computer generated results. There are even features that allow you to filter by price range, floor area, and others.

2. See to it that you are transacting with a legit real estate broker.

With the inflation steadying, more and more people are getting desperate to acquire money even if it means having to swindle other people. As such, it’s very important to be wary about the real identity and track record of anyone claiming to be an agent or broker of real estate. This is the only way to secure your finances and ensure that you can actually look forward to living in a quality and safe home.

Author: Cedric Loiselle is a passionate and ever on-the-go traveler who also takes pleasure in sharing his traveling experiences through exceptionally-written articles. For online apartment bookings and reviews, he recommends

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