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For those looking for an elegant way to create a more comfortable atmosphere in their home this winter Napoleon Fireplaces has released their listing for the hottest fireplace trends for the 2011 season. Incorporating many of the new trends for this season is the Tureen GD82-TDirect Vent Fireplace. This fireplace’s most distinctive feature is the single flame that is framed in a tall, chrome panel case. The towering flame rises from a ceramic bowl and is a striking focal point for a modern style living room.
While many of the new trends focus on contemporary styles, Napoleon has not forgotten about the traditional fireplace lovers that may be looking to add to their home or replace an outdated model. The great thing about the latest designs is not only the ability to control them via remote, but also the ability to place them in any room in the house. This means you can light the fireplace from the comfort of your bed to keep the bedroom warm all through the night. Complete with an optional remote control, this fireplace is truly the HD experience.

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