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If you’re looking for a pair of active sports sunglasses and aren’t sure where to start then look no further as the collection of Oakley Straight Jacket Sunglasses from the global icon are the ideal eyewear you need.

There’s no question of the versatility and performance of Oakley Sunglasses due to their decades of expertise pushing the boundaries in optics technology, especially with the Straight Jacket Sunglasses range. First and foremost you notice the aggressive yet sleek design that has grabbed people’s attention for over a decade but it’s not until you wear them that you realize how special and exceptional the Oakley Straight Jackets really are.

The lightweight O Matter frame doesn’t seem like it can be as resilient as the ANSI Z87.1 standards it meets making each pair high-velocity and impact resistant and as soon as you put them on the Unobtanium components give you an incredibly comfortable fit no matter how long you wear them and they stay in place all the time, the grip even increases with perspiration. So no matter if you are hitting the slopes on your board or taking the bike to the nearest downhill run these glasses are made to ensure that you wont be losing them half way down the trial.

If the technical features of the grip aren’t impressive enough then the technology in the Oakley Straight Jacket Lenses is certain to impress. Your first glimpse through the sunglasses reveals an exceptional clarity due to the Oakley High Definition Optics and the Oakley XYZ Optics which allows for an unrivaled clear vision across the entire lens and contour. These lenses are also coated with Oakley Hydrophobic permanent coating which not only repels water but also stops smudges from fingerprints, sunscreen, lotions and even dust and dirt and to top it all off they are made with Oakley Plutonite which completely filters out 100% off UVA, UVB and UVC rays including harmful blue light rays up to 400nm.

So there is no doubt you can see why with all of these premium features why the Oakley Straight Jacket Sunglasses are perfect for everything from sporting activities to just a casual day in the sun and they come in a number of color options and polarized lens options for driving too so everyone’s own unique tastes and styles are covered.

Author: Adam Berryman is a marketing copywriter for Blackleaf which is the UK’s leading online retailer for skate, surf and snow clothing and equipment. Head over to the Blackleaf blog for upcoming news and offers!

Photo Credit: Blackleaf


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