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Sweet as candy, luscious as pie, Peppermint Park has something all the girls wanna try! We could give you a 101 reasons why any shop-a-holic wouldn’t pass up the chance to get premium luxury brands at sample sale prices. is a members only retail site that offers up to 80% off and sometimes if your lucky even more. Highly coveted designers such as Prada, Sergio Zelcer, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Burberry, Michael Kors and luxuriously 300 more are accessible by two clicks of a stiletto.

What’s so unique about this online e-tailer is when you share this fashion secret with friends, you receive $10, plus 10% of their purchases for even more savings. Jessie Conners, CEO of, is an expert in real estate and ex-contestant of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. She took her knowledge of buying properties at low prices into flipping high end fashion and selling for less so fashionistas can splurge without feeling guilty.

Peppermint Park is transforming the way women think and react to spending their shopping experience. No need to worry about time limits, expiration dates or the hassle of long lines. One-on-one attention is offered from their in-house expert team for styling tips, questions or any other fashion emergency. If your more of a “Go to Girl”, every Thursday in Minneapolis, there is a festive “Peppermint Party” where members can shop directly at their warehouse. The power of Peppermint-unity keeps on giving and trending you with Hollywood’s must have treasures.

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