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Private Residences at Sugar Beach one of the most beautiful locations in the world between the magnificent Val des Pitons. Nestled within the rainforest on the hill overlooking the bay of Sugar Beach, there are 41 Private Residences just to the south on the other side of the pier there will be five additional ultra exclusive homes at Glenconner Beach.

Each of these spacious homes offers two to six bedrooms and affords spectacular, ocean and piton views with prices from US$2,400,000 to US$9,000,000. All properties have been designed by the award winning architect Lane Pettigrew in the same Caribbean white fretwork style. Four of these Private Residences are named Ocean Residences because of their idyllic location with striking views across the Caribbean Sea. Each of them ranges in size from 2,555ft²  to 5,126ft² featuring spacious bedrooms with its own deluxe bathroom, oversized living and dining areas and a private swimming pool. Their prices range from $4 million for a three bedroom property to $6 million for a four bedroom property. 

Sugar Beach refers not only to the crystal white sand along its shore, but to the fact that an historic Sugar Mill is still sited there. The Tides brand is synonymous with prime coastal settings, provocative design, intuitive service and an array of refined and modern amenities designed for the spirited traveller.

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