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Designed by the visionary artist John Pitre, the QuickGym ROM machine combines all 3 aspects of a complete and well rounded exercise regimen, cardio training, resistance training, flexibility training, and no other exercise equipment or method of exercise does that. It does all of this in only 4 minutes per day and no other method of exercise can do that either. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Jimmy Kimmel, and Tony Robbins are all believers.  It’s gorgeous, supremely functional and the ultimate time saver.The QuickGym exercises more major muscle groups through a greater range of motion in an intense workout. The secret is the 85 lb. flywheel with a centrifugal brake that matches the workout to the user’s ability.

The QuickGym ROM involves 12 times as many muscle cells as does walking or running. Even at any fitness level can get very high oxygen consumption rates because so many more muscle cells are involved in oxygen metabolism while using the QuickGym ROM. It engages 55% of all your muscles through an average of 80% of their full range of motion. This means that 55% of 80% or 44% of all your muscle cells are involved in consuming oxygen. That is 12 times as many muscle cells as the percentage of muscle cells involved in walking or running. The number of repetitions and the resistance/workload are always maximum for the user’s ability to perform work because the centrifugal brake on the flywheel regulates the resistance automatically to match the user’s diminishing strength during their workout. The user’s strength determines how fast the flywheel spins, which in turn determines the number of repetitions per minute and the resistance/workload applied by the centrifugal brake. 

The QuickGym ROM gives a performance score at the end of the 4 minute workout and that score is a composite evaluation of the total work performed and therefore is a reflection of the average VO2 measurement over the 4 minute period. When your score increases, it is evidence that the combination of the 6 cardio-vascular performance components listed above plus muscle strength and flexibility have improved. You can see the gradual improvement of your health reflected in the gradual improvement of the scores. Recent university research has acknowledged that 4 minute interval training can deliver outstanding results. For more information and to purchase visit QuickGym online.

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