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This is an extraordinary scientific breakthrough that a M.D. developed for his wife who lost her lashes during breast cancer. She now has her natural beautiful eyelashes back after using Revitalash. A unique eyelash conditioner that achieves the look of longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes in mere 60 days. No matter how thin your lashes may be, Revitalash can perform beautiful results. This product has received many rave reviews by top Hollywood celebrities. For one I’m speechless on what this product has done for me. I now have fuller, thicker, and sexier eyelashes. My eyelashes no longer continue to fallout. I can now wear mascara with confidence. Revitalash donates a portion of their sales to breast cancer research. Even though it retails for $150, I would still buy it since it supports a good cause. Purchase this and receive Glamourous Eyelashes and maybe even a cure. To purchase visit the Revitalash website.

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