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E-bikes, a city-life luxury item that’s easy on the eyes, and the environment. As you check off your Christmas list this winter, check out the new line of electric bikes and scooters just released by Revolve Electric Vehicles. These handsome, fuel-efficient models require no license or registration, travel up to 20 miles per hour, and with just a couple of hours needed to recharge, make a perfect urban dweller’s solution to commuting.

No additional skills are needed to ride an E-bike, as they have the same brakes and gears as a manual bicycle. E-bikes are powered by either the “power on demand” function, which is activated by a throttle on the handlebars, and doesn’t require pedaling, or by “ped-elec,” which provides energy by pedaling alone. This allows the rider to get an immediate, nearly silent push whenever they want it. (For instance, when going up hills on a hot day, in a dress shirt)

These functional, stylish commuters are way cooler than fixed gear, more planet-friendly than a motorcycle, and a sheer pleasure to ride. Not to mention it’s a cinch to find parking when you run errands. Visit Revolve online at and contact for nearest retail locations. Then pull out that Christmas list and go ahead and put a check mark next to your boyfriend or husband’s name.


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