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There are houses in Brazil that contain so many hidden surprises so as to leave us in awe. This is most certainly the case with a luxury triplex just put on the market in the vivacious center of Rio de Janeiro. This home boasts approximately 660 square meters of space, including a sauna, swimming pool for kids and three terraces. But the appeal of this prestigious property does not end here; there is much to be discovered inside.

Located in the southern part of the city’s Urca zone, the property is a short walk from the splendid beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, and just a stone’s throw from the very heart of Rio. From both the garden and balconies, lucky residents enjoy breathtaking views of two of Brazil’s iconic symbols: Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado. Of course, this dream comes with a considerable price tag of seven and a half million euros.

Conceptualized and designed by a team of architects from ‘Arthur Casas’, this fabulous penthouse consists of a kitchen, spacious living room, four bedrooms each with a private bathroom, as well as an annex for staff with two additional rooms. Located right on the waterfront, the rooms in this penthouse apartment seem to be literally suspended over the ocean. Apart from the dreamlike panorama, the house’s exclusivity is also reflected in the quality of its furnishings and finishes. Clearly only the best materials were used in this home, with unique and impeccable results. The atmosphere is quite relaxing, almost Zen if you will. This certainly applies to the living room, with a large number of luxurious chairs and a large window that frames the famous Rio skyline and the ocean. This living room connects to the kitchen at a gorgeous mahogany wet bar, perfect for hosting parties and social gatherings.

Everything in this luxury penthouse is incredibly modern. The corridors leading to the bedrooms, which like the stair banisters are made entirely of transparent glass. The terrace, with its lavish hanging garden, is an oasis of relaxation with a dreamlike view. The ocean is truly just a few steps away beyond the deck, hot tub and lovely swimming pool designed with kids in mind.


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