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PaidBeing on a road trip can be a very boring event if you let it be. It honestly depends a lot on who you are taking this road trip with. If you ever go on a road trip with people who have a sense of humor, love playing games, and aren’t afraid to make a fool of themselves then I have some great games that you can all play and enjoy. Just remember that some of these games may require more than pen and paper. I have also included several app games that me and my friends enjoy on our iphone/ipad. Sit back and enjoy… it is going to be a bumpy ride!

Road Games

If you do not own anything like an ipad you can enjoy these road games like “I spy” and “punch buggy” where both require an attentive competitive attitude. I spy is a game that just about everyone knows how to play. Play it on the road! Punch buggy is a game where if you see a buggy car you get to punch someone. Of course these types of games are so limited and can be annoying at times. Best to play a little and then move on to more conversational games like catch phrase.

Ipad games

Play some board games! Yes board games on the Ipad are so fun and leave no mess. Games like monopoly, Risk, Life, Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, and Catan are very fun on the road. We spent hours playing monopoly on the road. You can play all of these with just one ipad too! Just pass it and play. There are other kinds of games that you can play on the Ipad too that are not board games. Connect four is a personal favorite but can overstay its visit in the car.

Iphone games

This game requires for everyone to have their own iphone/ipad. It is called space team. It is SO MUCH FUN. It connects over Bluetooth so you can play while on the road (I don’t think the driver should play this game… could cause an accident). It is a game where a list of commands display on the screen with which everyone needs to shout out while another completes the task. It is honestly a game that is harder to explain then it is to play. Just do yourself a favor and download it. You’re welcome.

Be safe while on the road, drive the speed limit, and buckle your seat belt. Have fun and laugh with each other. Wherever you go make sure your home is in safe hands. Invest in one of many home security systems. We have cedar park home security. Get a house sitter, baby sitter if you have kids, and have fun on your road trip!

Author: Jose Rodriguez is a writer, gamer, and comic book fan. You can follow him on Twitter!

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