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Renowned for its traditional making, timeless beauty and flawless precision, German cuckoo clocks have a world-wide appeal and charm. Made in Black Forest (Schwarzwald), cuckoo clocks have become an iconic symbol for the region, since the mid-17th century when the first of its kind clocks were manufactured in the country. Rombach & Haas, one of the most popular Black Forest clock makers in the world, presents a series of modern cuckoo clocks that are a fine combination of traditional making, sophisticated technology and luxury design. Established in 1897, Rombach & Haas has been the recipient of the most prestigious Black Forest Clock Of The Year Award several times.

Handcrafted entirely in Black Forest using high quality materials, Rombach & Haas offers 100% authentic cuckoo clocks that are a stunning fusion of tradition and modernity. With more than 50 impressively different modern clocks, Rombach & Haas sells their extraordinary timepieces under the brand names Romba Art and Romba Design. Manufactured in very limited numbers, these modern cuckoo clocks feature the characteristic cuckoo birds and movable pendulum in stylish forms, catering to the discerning tastes of people of all age groups. The exquisite collection of Rombach & Haas cuckoo clocks include Classic Cuboid, Classic Cubus, Cuckoo’s Home, Bamboo Clock, Cuckoo Pyramid, Cuckoo House, Modern Tradition, Free Bird, Time & Space and Elegance From Wood.

Each of the Rombach & Haas cuckoo clock collection has a unique beauty and character of its own. Cuckoo Pyramid, for instance, is a table clock in the pyramid shape that combines elegance and simplicity. For those who love traditional making and luxe designs, Elegance from Wood would be the perfect choice. Inspired from contemporary art movements, these classy cuckoo clocks feature enchanting artworks and graceful designs. Elegance from Wood aesthetically blends the 300-year old Black Forest clock making practises and Germany’s woodworking tradition with modern art elements, making it ideal for luxury homes, with uber-trendy interiors.

Elegance From Wood cuckoo clocks are available in both types including traditional mechanical clockworks and quartz movements. The 8-day mechanical clocks do not play melodies and require winding up once every week. Whereas, the quartz clockworks run in batteries and has a life-like cuckoo popping out to play 12 different melodies, every hour. The automatic night-shut off feature will silence the clock between 9: 00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., promising silent nights and musical days. Some of the popular melodies played in these clocks are: Oh Donna Klara, Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss, Kuckuck, Alle Vögel sind schon da and Im Frühtau zu Berge, amongst others. All the modern cuckoo clocks by Rombach & Haas have a 2-year warranty.

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