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Can’t decide what hair style you should commit to? From Sexy Curls to Straight & Sleek or an alluring Updo, its hard to find the perfect look . Deciding how to wear your hair on Valentine’s Day can cause as much stress as choosing the perfect gift for your guy. L’Oreal Professionnel Stylist and Spokesperson and owner of bo and Ron King Salons, Ron King gave us some tips on the best sultry styles for a sexy Valentine’s Day look.

Curly – Work with your curls and make them soft and sexy, never crunchy. To achieve want-to-be-touched curls, the process starts with washing hair with a sulfate-free shampoo the day before. Then on the big day, when showering, just use a conditioner to add moisture. While hair is wet, flip hair over and rake finger carefully through hair so not to break or damage hair. With a paper towel drenched with styling product, wrap towel around hair and gently squeeze in product. Finish by diffusing curls using a scrunching motion for bouncy, soft curls.

Straight – Soft, silky strands are always in style and always sexy. To achieve hair that beacons to have fingers run through it, shampoo, condition and while hair is wet, add a frizz-fighting serum. Use a big, round brush to create volume and section-by-section blow hair dry starting from the root. Once dry, add a volumizing spray to the roots a la Bridget Bardot.

Up or Down – Choose a no fuss style that makes you feel sexy and confident. A simple style that anyone can achieve without spending too much time, is a loose low, bun. Start with a low ponytail using an invisible rubber band to conceal the knot. Then wrap hair around the band and attach a few bobby pins to hold in place. Carefully pull a few strands out so to achieve a chic, yet hint of bed-head come-hither-ness.

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