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Dare to be smooth? Take a risk and let your body glow. Russell Organics Lemon Jojoba Body Polish will send your skin into a deep hydration rush. Micro jojoba wax beads, organic shea butter and aloe vera work to moisten, revitalize and detoxify the skin. Prep and prepare the skin with Russell Organics Green Tea & Apple Face Wash. It delivers high antioxidant power and organic fruit acids for light exfoliation and cell renewal. With its natural anti-septic properties of willowbark make it harder for stubborn blemishes to invade. Steam up the shower or soak up the bath with Russell Organics French Lavender Shower Gel. The aromatherapy of rosemary and lavender leaves gives the skin a refreshed and soft feeling giving you a sense of tranquility. To purchase visit the Russell Organics website.

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