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Credit: Saint-Louis Tommy Collection Hock Glasses

Saint Louis Crystal’s Tommy Glass Holds a Place in history. Saint-Louis is one of Europe’s oldest and most valued cristalleries and is the decreed royal crystal of France. Still creating each piece of crystal by hand, no Saint-Louis piece is ever the same as the next. Created in 1928 in honor of the British “Tommy” soldiers, the Saint-Louis Crystal named its new emblematic collection, “Tommy.”

The collection received the highest of praises in 1938 honoring King George VI at a luncheon held in the hall of mirrors at The Palace of Versailles. Eleven glasses were set in front of each of the two hundred guests, including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The Tommy collection offers a palette of eight colors celebrating Saint Louis’ mastery of various crystal cuts including diamond, pearl, olive, and star. Each glass retails for $470 available at Michael C Fina.

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