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F.Scott Fitzgerald was right, the rich are different from us…they have mega yachts. As in business, it’s always a competition to have the biggest, most state-of-the-art mansion on the high seas. Even if they aren’t on it, yacht owners still want to have bragging rights! So when a certain multi-billionaire Russian or Greek shipping tycoon wants an artist to capture his design vision, they will only hire someone as impassioned as they are…Scott McBee.

Well known in yachting circles, his paintings of the “Grand Dames” of the sea reflects McBee’s lifelong passion for ocean liners. All of his portraits are about transporting one to a time when traveling in ultra-style was just as important as arriving at one’s destination.

With painstakingly precise detail, McBee’s large format gouache paintings (typically 3 x 9 ft. on acid free 90-lb. Paper) are rendered in bright, accurate livery, and continue in the tradition of historic navel architectural painting. His nautical portraits are also part of the permanent collection at The MasterWorks Foundation in Bermuda.

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